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Coral Reef Island with a beautiful blue sea. Treasure Math Series pirate theme.

Treasure Math  

Enjoy learning through song and story.

Original music and workbook sets available now! 

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Founders of Marehill Productions playing music on violin and Concertina, having fun playing music on the beach and making math fun.
Audio SamplerTreasure Math Multiplication
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Treasure Math Curriculum Overview
Have fun while learning multiplication and other math concepts through original songs and narrated adventures! The workbooks include lyrics and rewritable practice pages to provide learners with an effective way to shore up their understanding of key points and gain a working command of math terminology and develop core skills.

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Jerome, Student

Learning multiplication was easy and fun with the fun songs to go along with the workbook!


Mrs. Mantova, Teacher

The Treasure Math curriculum is a creative and engaging combination of song, story, and written work. While many multiplication songs I have encountered up until now focus solely on the numbers, Treasure Math Multiplication takes the multiplication facts to a whole new level by integrating them within a rich and adventurous seafaring context. I appreciate being able to reuse the workbook pages to review the math facts with my students over time. Overall, this curriculum is a wonderful resource for learning math facts in a memorable and meaningful way.

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Primavera, Business Owner

I had the pleasure of coming across the fives song and being moved by the rhythm.  i was filled with joy that day, Now, whenever I put my folder in "random," and this beautiful work appears, a huge smile paints my face and stays with me through the evening.

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Hazel, High Schooler

This book and playlist pair so well together for a perfect learning experience. The fun, engaging songs along with the exciting storyline allow        you to have fun along the way  while still learning the multiplication facts.

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